Oil Products

A company’s technological competitiveness is largely determined by its having innovative, high-technology product lines. LLC Neftespetsremstroy is today a market leader in high-technology road coverings — bringing new types of bitumen products to market, revitalizing the domestic market in aviation fuels, replacing harmful fuels with environmentally-friendly products, and overcoming the challenges of the thousands of kilometers of the Dakar Rally, through specialist racing motor oil for sports-car engines.

Environmentally-friendly aviation fuels

While aviation gasoline is not currently produced in Russia, the fleet of small aircraft using this kind of fuel is growing, and undergoing a revival. The bulk of imported fuel for these kinds of piston engines, moreover, involves ethylate or “leaded” blends, which contain toxic tetraethyl lead, used to improve the performance of the fuel.
LLC Neftespetsremstroy specialists, together with the All-Russia Research and Design Institute for Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry (OAO VNIPIneft), have successfully developed a formulation for a lead-free aviation fuel with an octane number (anti-knock rating) of 91 — fully compliant with GOST leaded-fuel standard B-91/115 and unleaded avgas standard 91UL (ASTM D 7547) — the standard many leading aircraft manufacturers are now developing engines to meet.