Buy diesel fuel wholesale

One of the activities of the NEFTESPETSREMSTROY company is the supply of diesel fuel in bulk. Diesel fuel, diesel fuel, is a light oil product obtained by distilling oil and selecting certain fractions from it. There is a lot of debate about which is better: diesel or cheaper gasoline? Many sophisticated car enthusiasts prefer the former.

Vacuum gas oil application

Oil refining is a complex physical and chemical process, as a result of which many elements are formed: fuel oil, gasoline, tar, and others. Vacuum gas oil is one of the most interesting products and offers many possibilities.

Gas station safety

There are gas stations in every city. Now, when people began to think about the environment more and more actively, they began to search for tools that ensure the environmental friendliness and safety of such structures.

gasoline and petroleum products

The LLC NEFTESPETSREMSTROY company is engaged in the supply of petroleum products - gasoline, fuel, and others - and has already established itself as a highly professional and reliable partner. We offer our customers quality fuels and lubricants. Gasoline remains one of the most popular products.

Diesel storage

For some businesses, it is important to have a certain amount of fuel in case of unforeseen emergencies. For them, the question of the storage conditions of fuel, as well as the terms at which it retains the high quality, becomes relevant.

Rapid tests for gasoline

Good fuel for your car is a guarantee of safety and a smooth ride. However, not all gas stations are bona fide fuel suppliers. In Russia, test strips have been developed that will allow you to determine the quality of gasoline right at the gas station in a matter of minutes.