LLC Neftespetsremstroy has finished all the renovation of waste treatment facilities and sludge storage pits. Such works are very important because our Refinery operates in the main resort area of the country. Besides, thanks to our Refinery capacity we provide electricity to almost fifty companies, supply Kalmykia Rep Region, Russia with artesian groundwater from our own water intake, and arrange to use our wastewater treatment facilities to treat the township’s service and wastewater.

All the issues considering our Refinery’s impact on the environment are addressed comprehensively and attended at every stage of the oil refinery process. LLC Neftespetsremstroy's facilities include a duly certified and licensed Ecological Laboratory that performs constant environmental monitoring of the Refinery’s industrial and sanitary-hygienic zones, waste storage monitoring, control of stationary sources vent emissions, and discharge of treated wastewater into the Kuban river. Industrial Environmental Control allows us to secure a high level of the environmentally friendly operating process.